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“We are very excited for tomorrow!”

Hello everyone! Here you have another summary of our day during the TeeNEXTersweek.  We woke up between 7am and 8:30am to get ready and have a little breakfast before going to Le Grand Bleu. We arrived at Le Grand Bleu around 9:30am and we had a breakfastcoffee together.  To continue waking us up, we didLire la suite « “We are very excited for tomorrow!”« 

Sometimes a lie is better than the truth

The night air feels like a cold hug from an unwelcome stranger. As I turn to shield my face from the increasing stream of droplets, I notice the word  “Stadhuis” painted on the large glass facade of a building supported by industrial steel beams. I think to myself that I must be mistaken in thinkingLire la suite « Sometimes a lie is better than the truth« 

« Today is a relax day »

We woke up between 7am and 8.30am. We showered and got ready. Some of us ate in the apartment while others ate at « The Grand Bleu ». Like every morning, we did the artistic warm-up with Naja. Then, we had a workshop to discuss what to do today and for the rest of the week. EveryoneLire la suite « « Today is a relax day » »

The making of Berlin : the magic of a multi-faceted show

From November 10 to December 2, 2022, a number of contemporary theatre, dance and performance shows are showcased at the NEXT Festival in 15 cities of the cross-border region. It is in this context that the Berlin collective presented its project «The making of Berlin», a show both alive and recorded.  The performance takes placeLire la suite « The making of Berlin : the magic of a multi-faceted show« 

“The making of Berlin” : Art playing with truth

The making of Berlin is a film and a play produced by the BERLIN collective. We saw it in Waregem, Belgium in CC de Schakel. It ends a fifteen-year series in which the group made portraits of multiple cities. The film is mixed with live music : a woman was playing the French horn behindLire la suite « “The making of Berlin” : Art playing with truth« 

« Un besoin de passer à l’acte »

Yesterday, on the 15th of November, we went with 10 teeNEXTers to the dance performance of Katherine Andreou, named Mourn Baby Mourn.  Katherine Andreou is a Greek actress and dancer who studied and lives in France. She has already done several performances. In her former shows, she had a very good structure but there isLire la suite « « Un besoin de passer à l’acte » »

The making of Berlin

The play opens up with a drone’s view over a building, where the main character, an old Berliner man, and the troupe are shooting. After that, we get to know all the members of the project, composed of Belgians, Germans and also a Russian woman. The documentary presents many interviews and dialogues with this man,Lire la suite « The making of Berlin »